• Graduate in Business Administration from the Solvay Business School of the University of Brussels (ULB) in 1981.
  • ¬†UK Corporate Finance Qualification (I.C.E.W.)
  • Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

Work Experience

He started working with Arthur Andersen which he joined as audit staff, and gradually specialized in real estate. Effective 1997, he transferred within Arthur Andersen to the Corporate Finance department. Jean-Paul Loozen was promoted partner in 1996, as of which date he headed the Real Estate Industry Group in the Arthur Andersen Brussels office. As from 1998, Jean-Paul Loozen was the practice director for real estate corporate finance and consulting in Europe and North America.

Jean-Paul was Founding Partner of Deloitte Real Estate Belgium, Europe, Middle East & Africa, following the merger of the Belgian Andersen organisation with Deloitte in September 2002.


Solvay Business School

Jean-Paul Loozen
Academic Director
Executive programme en immobilier/Executive Programme in Real Estate
Slovay Business School
Pleinlaan 5
BE-1050 Brussels
Solvay Business School