Article 6 of the Energy Efficiency Directive on the exemplary role of public bodies’ buildings is the litmus test of member states’ political will to get the building component of ‘Fit for ‘55’ done. If they back down, that will have fallout for EPBD.

Attached to epf21-87 of 13.12.2021 was a first draft of Council amendments from the Slovenian Presidency. It showed that Council had left Article 6 practically untouched.

Recently, there were rumours that the lack of change may be due to Council’s slow start and that there was some sign of unhappy national officials dealing with the Directive.

Our sources confirmed that Council was slow to get going and some were indeed not happy, and yet they were not sure that their unhappiness would translate into substantive amendment. 

The French Presidency has just released a new draft of Council amendments not yet accessible to the general public. See Article 6 with EPF Secretariat annotations.

In short, Council is still not diluting the Commission’s Proposal.

Full EPF Secretariat report under epf22-10 of 15.02.2022