In July, EPF, member Vastgoed Belang and legal counsel met in The Hague with civil servants of the Dutch Interior and Housing Ministry and discussed the real causes of Dutch housing problems. EPF drew the civil servants' attention to the EU Semester which year after year analyses Dutch housing market dysfunction in great detail and produces Council Recommendations. On average in the EU, social housing amounts to 10-15% of the rental stock; in the Netherlands: 70%, a figure found nowhere else in the world. At the same time, tax and other policy goes on favouring owner-occupiers, creating grave dangers for housing and financial market safety and stability, while private rental is now 7% of the entire housing stock, an endangered species. Result: a grossly unfair market where young people and immigrants who didn't inherit a house or a social housing flat cannot find affordable housing in one of the richest states of the Union. What, they asked, is the rationale for such an eccentric housing policy when it gives such poor results?"

Full report under epf19-49 of 12.07.2019