These are Conclusions on the Commission's autumn 2020 Renovation Wave Communication. As the Communication is no more than a broad statement of intention to increase targets and regulation, the Council Conclusions can hardly be expected to be as detailed as they would be if it were amending real proposed legislation. Even so, it's really vague:

  • Higher energy performance standards can work, but member states need flexibility to adapt them to local conditions (par. 23)
  • "Endorses the objective of prioritising the renovation of ?highly visible? public buildings and the worst performing privately-owned buildings (par. 28)
  • "Recognises that high standards of renovation must be set for public buildings" (par. 29) but no indication of what those might be ...
  • Lots on the need for funding for everyone, but no indication of how or how much.

All in all, it supports the Commission's plans ... tentatively. If they intend to guide and orientate the Commission or indicate any red lines, they still have a lot of work to do.

See epf21-09 of 23.02.2021