37% of a member state’s EU Recovery and Resilience funds have to be devoted to supporting the Green Transition.  Under epf21-26 of 22.04.2021, EPF’s analysis questioned whether the housing expenditure in Portugal’s Recovery and Resilience Plan met this condition.

Parliament’s Greens confirm:

Portugal [€2.7bn C2 fund for new housing project]

... the C2 fund for new housing projects, is given a 39% climate tag without conditions, despite the fact that under criterion 025ter in RRF Annex VI, housing construction can only receive a 40% climate tag if the buildings’ primary energy demand is at least 20% lower than the national requirement for near zero-energy buildings.

The Commission is in the middle of reviewing Portugal’s Plan. If it doesn’t qualify, the government will need to redraft.

Full EPF Secretariat report under epf21-44 of 03.06.2021