Some members would like EPF to work on these two subjects. They fit well with the general question of housing affordability that EPF and its Coalition partners have agreed needs to accompany the work on a Vision for a climate-neutral building stock and climate-proofing of rent regulation. Indeed, when discussing housing and rental costs, it is necessary to have an understanding of all the factors that impact housing supply and therefore rent levels, and migration is a major impact right now, while climate warming is becoming one.

Migration and housing

The EPF Secretariat has found Eurostat statistics on migration by non-EU nationals as well as Eurostat Migrant integration statistics for housing containing stats on:

  • home ownership
  • overcrowding rate
  • and housing cost overburden rate


  • nationals
  • foreign EU citizens (bizarre term; means EU citizens living in another member state than the member state of origin)
  • and third-country nationals

but nothing specifically on rental.

There is also a Commission web page on Immigrant Housing in Europe mapping discrimination on the housing market.

Climate change and housing

EU policy, research or statistics on climate change and housing is less structured. There is an EU Climate Adaptation Strategy which has led to a standardised methodology for member states' reporting on what they are doing and to some extent climate adaptation has been 'mainstreamed' into EU funding and into some legislation, for instance the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive.

Full reports under epf19-31 of 03.05.2019 and epf19-40 of 27.05.2019 (Climate change and housing)