• Their already broad concept of high-quality renovation has expanded to noise protection and thermal comfort
  • They are sharpening their focus on fossil fuel-fired boiler replacement although it is not possible to know the extent to which they are envisaging this even when there is no major renovation of the whole building

The questions from the Council Presidency show that Council is struggling, knows that big regulatory moves need to be made, but isn’t yet sure how:

Questions on the future Energy Performance of Buildings Directive:

  1. The long-term renovation strategies revealed the need for large investments for the renovation of the existing building stock. What are the solutions to ensure a doubling of the renovation rate?
  2. What mechanisms will be put in place to verify the effective contribution of buildings towards this goal?

and on the future Energy Efficiency Directive:

  1. In the context of energy efficient renovations, incentive sharing between landlords and tenants is not an easy barrier to remove. What possibilities do you see for resolving this issue?
  2. Energy Efficiency First is the fundamental principle which ensures the rational use of resources. How to ensure that it is always applied

Full EPF Secretariat report under epf21-34 of 20.05.2021