• € 5.8 billion of the € 40 billion EU grant goes to energy renovation. Combined with some national funding, it comes to € 6.7 billion, of which € 2 billion for private housing (individual home owners, condos and landlords). The rest is for public buildings, social housing (not much) and renovation by micro-businesses and SMEs.
  • The renovation budget is to be viewed as an extra boost coming on top of existing, continuing renovation spending (€ 9 billion on private and social housing since 2018).
  • It is non-recurrent and is frontloaded to 2021-2022, ending at the precise moment (01.01.2023) when any house or apartment with final energy consumption above 450 kWh/m² will, by law, be deemed “indecent” and will not be rentable.
  • There is a very strong focus on the poorest owner-occupiers and landlords.
  • There is an additional, separate € 1.5 billion for renovation and reconstruction of old people’s homes (mostly public). Energy efficiency is not the main emphasis.

Full EPF Secretariat report under epf21-29 of 03.05.2021