In its announcements so far, the Commission has not gone beyond vague declarations:

  • "The European Pillar of Social Rights will guide action in ensuring that no one is left behind" (European Green Deal, p. 4, end par. 2).
  • "In 2020, the Commission will produce guidance to assist Member States in addressing the issue of energy poverty" (EGD, p. 6, end of 2nd last par.)
  • "... the Commission proposes to work with stakeholders on a new initiative on renovation in 2020. ... Particular attention will be paid to the renovation of social housing to help households who struggle to pay their energy bills." (EGD, p. 10, 1st full par.)

As for the European Semester's contribution to social aspects relating to housing, in the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy's section on "Fairness", no mention of housing, just working conditions, women on the labour market, investment in skills, regional divergence and anti-social national tax policies favouring foreign investors.

In the Investment Plan explaining how the Green Deal is to be financed, the section on loosening up state aid rules to improve energy efficiency in buildings has nothing on social housing, just facilitation of energy performance contracts and of renewable energy generation for self-consumption.

Full report under epf20-08 of 13.02.2020