Opportunity for property associations and companies

EPF members must not confuse the EU's difficulties in financing all of its Green Deal plans (see epf20-04 of 30.01.2020) with the large amounts of funding already in place and specifically targeted at building owners and real estate professionals.

An EPF report explains:

  • The role of the European Investment Bank in chanelling EU climate funding to real estate associations and companies
  • The failings of the banks supposed to act as intermediaries between project proposers and the EIB and the way those failings have enabled real estate players to take their projects directly to the EIB
  • Examples of real estate associations and companies that have already secured hundreds of millions of euros
  • The kinds of projects and real estate that qualify
  • What real estate funding candidates need to do in the first instance

Full report under epf20-10 of 19.02.2020