Commission's Proposal for a Regulation

The Commission released the Proposal for a Regulation on 4 March.

Four game-changers:

  1. "a binding objective of climate neutrality in the Union by 2050 in pursuit of the long-term temperature goal set out in the Paris Agreement"
  2. Replacement of the existing 2030 targets with a new 2030 target of 50 to 55% emission reductions compared to 1990
  3. Delegation of power to the European Commission to amend the target trajectory through delegated acts, starting from the new 2030 target. In other words, the Commission can set new, tighter targets if that's what it takes to get to the new 2030 target and to ensure sufficient progress at various points between 2030 and 2050 to get to the 2050 target
  4. By 30 June 2021, proposals for new binding EU law if the EU targets plus national implementing measures aren't on target trajectory

Commentary under epf20-21 of 23.03.2020