• An Interim Report released in July shows that this could be expensive for owners and may not bring any benefit unless it's done right. The Report puts the case for an EU/member state superstructure imposing SRIs ('market push') that will trigger uptake of SRI-recommended services ('market pull').
  • The cost comes from mandatory SRI inspection/assessment linked with existing inspections/assessments like those for the energy performance certificate. Further to this comes the implementation cost projection: € 71 billion by 2030 and € 202 billion by 2050 with SRI/EPC Linkage based on the scenario of owners either acting on the SRI to increase the level of smartness, or being forced to do so.
  • There's a possibility of a voluntary scheme, but it is not favoured by the majority of 'stakeholders' (smart tech manufacturers).
  • The calculation methodology has not improved much despite EPF commentary at a special meeting with Commission and consultant:
  • overly simple final score derived from overly complex and diverse impact criteria
  • mixture of hard facts with subjective elements, lack of clarity on what 'smartness' is and on what the evaluator would be evaluating against, resulting in an intrinsically unstable 'score'

Secretariat analysis under epf19-57 of 23.08.2019.