The deepest regulation of the building stock in the history of the Union

The Renovation Wave is an announcement of coming EU regulation:

  • Obligation to renovate certain categories of buildings by certain dates or inflection points
  • Extension of the existing requirement to energy renovate 3% of the buildings owned and occupied by central governments to all public administration levels
  • Introducing a 'deep renovation' standard, to enable anchoring significant private financing to transparent, measurable and genuinely "green" investments
  • Milestones for the renovation of public and private service buildings for 2030 and 2040
  • Strengthening the existing renewable heating and cooling target and introducing a requirement to use minimum levels of renewables in buildings
  • Extending energy audit requirements to larger and more complex non-residential buildings such as hospitals, schools or offices
  • Introduction of Digital Building Logbooks that will integrate all building related data provided by the upcoming Building Renovation Passports, Smart Readiness Indicators, Level(s) and EPCs to ensure compatibility and integration of data throughout the renovation journey

EPF Secretariat analysis under epf20-72 of 22.10.2020