Last summer, there was a lot of nervous reaction to extending the ETS to buildings and transport because of the predictable social impact from the inexorably higher energy bills. It was conceivable that Council and Parliament might be tempted to shy away. 

And in the amendments he tabled on 24 January (scroll down to 'Draft Report'), all that Parliament’s Rapporteur Pieter Liese did was give each member state the option of postponing extension to buildings and transport until 1 January 2027 (Amendment 84, p. 80), as well as reinforcing the Social Climate Fund (very good!) (Amendments 95 & 96, pp. 88-89). 

This is significant because, on the scale of politicians’ fear of consequences, extension of ETS to buildings is much more dangerous – more immediate and wider impact – than the EPBD’s renovation requirements, and the only way to loosen the grip of ETS is through energy efficiency renovation.

Full EPF Secretariat report under epf22-06 of 03.02.2022