Article 7  ‘New buildings’

We had opposed the power that the Commission tried to give itself via delegated acts to “set adapted maximum energy performance thresholds in Annex III to renovated buildings”. We wrote that “Tinkering with energy performance thresholds for renovated buildings is very politically sensitive with a potential for major impacts on owners, landlords and tenants of existing building stock. It requires full democratic, transparent and public review and should not fall to comitology.”


Article 16  ‘Energy performance certificates’

The length of the EPC’s validity remains at ten years, as we requested, and not the Commission Proposal’s five years.

Annex V  ‘Template for energy performance certificates’

We proposed surgery that would limit the information on the front page of the EPC to three things (instead of nine). The Council Presidency elegantly did the following:

On its front page, t The energy performance certificate shall display at least the following elements:

Each member state is free to decide which elements go on the front page and which elsewhere.

Other changes to Annex V still needed.

Full EPF Secretariat report and text of Council draft under epf22-29 of 11.05.2022