If Article 6 “Exemplary role of public bodies’ buildings” survives, it may well be one of the most seminal provisions for real estate in the entire package of Directives and Regulations, an absolute game-changer also for private real estate given that, as EHH ELO EPF TEGOVA wrote to the Commissioner in January, “public authorities’ requirements for their own buildings ‘make the market’ to some extent”.

Under epf21-66 of 30.07.2021, full EPF Secretariat analysis of:

  • Exemplary role of public bodies’ buildings
  • Energy efficiency targets
  • Energy savings obligation
  • Energy management systems and energy audits
  • Sub-metering and cost allocation for heating, cooling and domestic hot water
  • Split incentives between building owners and between owner and tenant
  • Empowering and protecting vulnerable customers and alleviating energy poverty