The link is to the Slovenian Presidency’s first draft of Council amendments (once again, this is not ‘what Slovenia wants’; it’s the Presidency’s best effort to find the most generally acceptable compromise for all 27 after two or three months of discussion, so it’s significant).

The Secretariat analysed RED III, first in a leaked draft of the Impact Assessment, then in a leaked draft of the Proposal for a Directive and then after release of the Proposal by the Commission. The Managing Committee had no problem with any of the issues we raised and signed off on the Proposal at its meeting of 27 September. It’s now just a question of checking that Council or Parliament doesn’t make a problematic amendment.

In Article 15a ‘Mainstreaming renewable energy in buildings’, Council has amended paragraph 1 thus:

In order to promote the production and use of renewable energy in the building sector, Member States shall define set an indicative target for the share of renewables in final energy consumption in their buildings sector in 2030 that is consistent with an indicative target of at least a [49 ] % share of energy from renewable sources in the buildings sector at in the Union’s level final consumption of energy in 2030.

The insertion of square brackets for [49 ] % means they find it too high and are discussing what figure to rachet it down to.

Otherwise, they have changed very little. It is rare to see such extensive Council acceptance of a Commission Proposal.

Full EPF Secretariat report under epf21-89 of 20.12.2021