Extract from the EHH-ELO-EPF-TEGOVA letter of 20 January 2021 to Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson:

Preserving the exemplarity of government buildings and broadening the scope

It is of paramount importance to retain and upgrade the EU obligation of exemplarity of the public building stock. Governments pay for renovation with taxpayers’ money, which means that all citizens contribute to the effort equitably, and public authorities’ requirements for their own buildings ‘make the market’ to some extent. They must continue to set the example.

Indeed, Article 5 EED needs to be substantially upgraded:

  • The obligation to renovate 3% of the government building stock per annum should be doubled to 6%; and
  • It should be extended from “buildings owned and occupied by central government” to “public buildings”.

On Wednesday, Commissioner Simson told Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee (the lead committee for the energy directives) that she “is considering” extending Article 5 “to all public buildings”.

Full EPF Secretariat report under epf21-38 of 28.05.2021