The association is a branche organization on behalf of the small-medium and large private investors in real estate held for rental in the Netherlands.

About the Association

The Vastgoed Belang association was founded - in its present form - in 1996. Previous institutional forms of the association go back to 1894. The main objective of the association is to create a sustainable investment climate in which a decent profit on investment can be achieved.

Vastgoed Belang is an organization with six local departments - having their own management board. The central board of Vastgoed Belang is formed by representatives from the six local departments - all together under the supervision of an independant chairman. The monitoring body of the association is formed by the Members Council. In 2011 - under supervision of Vastgoed Belang - a seperate Foundation was established to unite the top segment investors among our members (Professioneel Platform Vastgoed). The establishment of a seperate Foundation for our mid section investors is still in progress. The Vastgoed Belang association has a total of 4500 members. The management of the central organization is led by a Managing Director.

What the Association Does

Vastgoed Belang works hard on the image improvement of the private investors sector as a whole. We try to achieve this goal by putting extra effort on the transfer of knowledge to - and the further professionalisation of - our members. Futhermore, we focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. By influencing government policy we try to create a favorable investment climate for our members that participate in the real estate business.

Vastgoed Belang defends the interests of our constituency on a political level and supports landlords and investors in their day to day work. 'Investing must be profitable' - that is the motto of Vastgoed Belang. Echoing our motto - we aim for the most optimal circumstances for every category of investers in real estate - in every part of the Netherlands to achieve this goal. A decent profit on investment - despite the restrictions and barriers forced by the local, regional and national governments - is the foundation of our work in promoting/ defending the interests of our members.

Our six regional departments - along with the Professioneel Platform Vastgoed department - are in close contact with the field. These departments provide us important input about the most recent (local) developments in real estate business. We stand in close contact with our members who inform us about problems they're facing in their work. The six local departments play an important role in lobbying on a local and regional level. The focus of the central organization of Vastgoed Belang - along with Professioneel Platform Vastgoed - lays on the lobby at national level.


The compositon of our members is very diverse. We represent members who have small portfolio's - middle portfolio's and portfolio's that exceeds over hundreds of millions of euro's. The property of the invested portfolio's includes housing, retail, office blocks, distribution centers and parkings.

The Association Work

The principal areas of policy are:

  • Commercial property law
  • Residential property law
  • Taxation
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Planning and construction
  • Energy and environment
  • EU-affairs