Property Industry Ireland (PII) is an independent and inclusive representative organisation for all sub-sectors of the Irish property industry.

About the Association

Property Industry Ireland (PII) is sectoral association of Ibec, acting as an independent and inclusive representative organisation for all sub-sectors of the Irish property industry.

PII was established in 2011 and continues to grow its membership, which now totals approximately 90 firms. The organisation is actively engaged in discussions with Government, decision-makers, State agencies and investors to help achieve a better future for the property sector. Since the start of 2015 PII is a sectoral association of Ibec

What the Association Does

Vision. A sustainable Irish Property Industry which is creative, responsive, competitive and well integrated in meeting the socio-economic needs of all the stakeholders in the built environment.

Mission. To be the trusted partner and provider of "evidence based" information, policies and strategies for the property industry at National level, to the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament), Government, Local Authorities and Agencies, and for the benefit of the people of Ireland


  • To be the leadership forum in the Industry for the discussion of National property issues
  • To develop, propose and support a National Property Strategy, policies and solutions to issues
  • To be a research led organisation, which collates and commissions relevant and & innovative research on Ireland's construction sector in order to promote & sustain a competitive economy
  • To be the go to organisation for Government on all aspects of property
  • To work with all stakeholders in the industry to restore it to a sustainable position in the economy.
  • To increase membership through demonstrating the achievements and outcomes in relation to national strategy and policy


Membership of Property Industry Ireland (PII) is open to all professional firms across the property industry, and now totals almost 90 firms. Members include developers and contractors, engineers, architects and planners, surveyors and project managers, professional service firms, including legal and consultancy experts, auctioneers and property advisory firms, financiers, including stockbrokers and banks, building materials companies and businesses with a significant property portfolio.

The Association Work

Property Industry Ireland's work is guided by its four pillar policy committees. Each of these committees act as a forum to exchange ideas across the industry on different issues of concern to the industry. Membership of the committees is drawn from across PII membership.

The Market Supply and Demand Committee monitors future trends in supply and demand and analyses any gaps between the two to propose possible policy solutions.

The Planning and Development Committee reviews existing planning legislation including international best practice in this area.

The Construction and Technical Issues Committee identifies different factors which impact on the physical delivery of property and makes policy proposals for removing any blockages to property delivery as well as identifying new innovations in construction.

The Funding Initiatives Committee exists to review, monitor and advise members and inform stakeholders on facilitating financing arrangements and financial barriers to property delivery.