Since the beginning KIINKO’s mission has been to support the Finnish real estate and construction industry by providing top quality courses and education programmes for professionals involved in all aspects of the property business.

About the Institution

Founded in 1989, KIINKO - Real Estate Education offers specialist postgraduate education and training for asset, property and facilities management professionals in Finland.

The activities of KIINKO include postgraduate education, certification-related training programmes and short courses. Customers for these programmes comprise professionals from all property business sectors covering real estate finance, investment, property management, transactions and valuation, development, construction project management, facilities management, urban planning, service provision, accounting etc.

KIINKO co-operates with all the leading Finnish universities and polytechnics to ensure interaction with state-of-the-art academic research and educational methods. The Institute also supports the national certification system for real estate professionals, together with major national real estate organisations and KTI; the Institute for Real Estate Economics. Real Estate Education and Training Institute also co-operates with leading European and US universities, and creates platforms for co-operation with real estate market professionals in the Russian and Baltic markets.

Owners & Partners

  • The Finnish Real Estate Federation (FREF)
  • The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI)
  • The Finnish Association of Real Estate Agents (SKVL)
  • Finnish Real Estate Management Federation (FREMF)
  • Student Housing in Finland Ltd (SOA)
  • The Swedish Real Estate Association in Helsinki
  • VVO Group
  • Sato Corporation

The Institutional Partners are:

  • Finnish Facility Management Association (FIFMA)
  • Property Valuation Board of the Central Chamber of Commerce
  • The Institute for Real Estate Economics (KTI)
  • The Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies (KVKL)

Real Estate Education

KIINKO Real Estate Education is about lifelong learning. Our courses and programmes fall into four main groups:

  • Group 1 is real estate business and management, including leadership aspects
  • Group 2 is construction and construction project management, including infrastructure, housing and commercial buildings as well as all renovation related projects
  • Group 3 is administration and property management
  • Group 4 is facilities management and services

Several programmes can be approved as part of academic studies, for instance, we run an MBA-module for University of Jyväskylä.

Annual Convention

KIINKO Real Estate Education organises The Annual Convention of Property Investment Prospects. It is the largest single event for real estate professionals in Finland. Since 1995 it has gathered together all the most important executive level players from institutional investors, property companies, banks, private foundations, developers, management companies, law firms, end-users, service providers… practically everyone in business in Finland. In 2006 we decided the time was ripe for broadening our horizon: ever since we have been building also an international side track to our event inviting real estate professionals from Scandinavia, Russia, Baltic Countries and Europe in general.

Representative to EPF

Keijo Kaivanto, Managing Director of Kiinko Real Estate Education Ltd. and Principal of the Kiinko Real Estate Education Foundation.
Keijo Kaivanto