EPF membership is open to:

  • Associations of real estate owners, investors, landlords and professionals
  • Individual property companies, consultancies and real estate academies

Join us at the meeting point of real estate investors and professionals building a common European real estate culture and vision for EU real estate policy through networking, socialisation, and solidarity among our association and company CEO Board members.

Join us in helping the EU authorities:

  • Ensure freedom to invest in real estate without obstacle anywhere in the Union
  • Facilitate shopping centre investment and development
  • Reform planning & zoning law
  • Use EU state aid powers to ensure a level playing field between housing providers and reform rent control to improve housing supply
  • Develop environmental protection, energy efficiency, renewable energy, 'smart' building and electric car parking policies that achieve their full potential by accommodating real estate business constraints
  • Ensure that real estate-relevant industrial, services & equal treatment policy takes account of real estate practice
  • Develop a fit-for-purpose and adaptable age-friendly building stock