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Ger Jaarsma

 Ger Jaarsma

Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers and Valuers

Ger Jaarsma is Member of the Managing Committee of the European Property Federation - EPF (since 1 January 2019) and President of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars en Taxateurs in onroerende goederen - NVM (since 19 April 2016).

Place of Birth

Leeuwarden (Netherlands)


In 2000, Ger Jaarsma (1968) left HTS Groningen with a diploma in Industrial Engineering and Management. In 2004, he obtained his Master's degree in Business Administration, specialising in Organisation and Strategy.

Work Experience

Between 1996 and 2003, he worked as a self-employed Interim Manager and Trainer. His tasks mainly involved adapting organisation and strategy.

During the years that followed, he worked as a Managing Director for the Gemeenschappelijke Kredietbank (GKB) Friesland, as Chair of the Dutch Association for Public Credit (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Volkskrediet, NVVK) and as Chair of the Kredietbank Nederland Board of Directors.

Kredietbank Nederland is the largest of 20 credit banks in the Netherlands and the only private bank. As Chair of the Board of Directors, Ger Jaarsma was responsible for general management and, in particular, was the commercial face of the company to the outside.

Since 19 April 2016, he has been Chair of the NVM.