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<European Semester 2017 Real Estate Results

The European Semester is the annual process of EU Economic Governance by which, on the basis of European Commission analysis, EU member states agree on the specific reforms that each state must carry out to contribute to ensuring the financial stability and economic health of the Union.

The process culminates in July in Recommendations from the EU's Council of economic and finance ministers to each member state. The degree of coercion of the 'Recommendations' is higher for Eurozone states with macroeconomic imbalances (they can be fined up to 0.1% of GDP for non-compliance) or for states under EU financial assistance.

On 11 July, Council approved the Commission's proposed country recommendations without debate. The real estate results are in the chart below.

EPF follows the European Semester because of its potential to trigger or support country reforms. That's why EPF and some of its members and allies have developed guidance for the Commission on rent regulation in Denmark and France, on obstacles to large retail establishment in Denmark and on planning reform in Romania. Any EPF member can seek EPF help in drafting reform guidance and presenting it to the Commission.

Please, see chart hereafter.

Source: EPF Secretariat. Chart content based on European Semester 2017 Council Recommendations and Commission Country Reports

EPF Members: Full report under epf17-72 of 23.08.2017