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W. Joseph Houlihan

W. Joseph Houlihan

Adviser to the EPF Managing Committee

W. Joseph Houlihan was Chairman of the Managing Committee of the European Property Federation (2011-2015) and was CEO and Director of Cohen & Steers UK, Ltd., a real estate securities business until July 2015.

Place of Birth

Tampa Florida (USA).


  • 1970: Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from New York University
  • 1977: MBA degree from the University of Leuven, Belgium

Work Experience

  • 2011-2015: Chairman of the European Property Federation (EPF) Managing Committee
  • 2006 - 2015: CEO and Managing Director of Cohen & Steers Europe SPRL and Cohen & Steers UK, Ltd.
  • 2000- 2006: with Gerios Rovers, co-founded Houlihan Rovers S.A., a Belgium-based global real estate securities asset manager that was acquired by Cohen & Steers. He shared responsibility for oversight of all fundamental research and investment management activities for LLHR and for developing client relationships with Gerios J.M. Rovers
  • 1997-1999: was Managing Director at Security Capital Group in Brussels, where the firm provided European real estate securities management services to institutional investors and a mutual fund
  • 1977-1982/ 1985-1996: was an executive vice president and director at GIM Algemeen Vermogensbeheer, a Dutch investment management company, where he specialized in global real estate investments and developed GIM's real estate securities investment process and client base
  • 1982-1985: was a Managing Director for a Family Office where he was responsible for the Office's global investments


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