European Property Federation

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Organs & People

The President

Liviu Tudor

Romanian Association of Building Owners

  • The President is the highest representative of the Federation.
  • The office is bestowed by consensus of the members as expressed by the Managing Committee.

The Chairman of the Managing Committee

Alain Duffoux

Syndicat National des Professionnels Immobiliers

  • The Managing Committee elects a Chairman from among the persons representing the members, for a term of one year, renewable.
  • The Chairman acts as the Manager of the grouping; he has all the powers necessary to ensure the direction, management and administration of the Federation; he may, under his own authority, delegate all or part of his powers.

The Vice-Chairman of the Managing Committee

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  • The Managing Committee elects Vice-Chairman from among the persons representing the members, for a term of one year, renewable.
  • The Vice-Chairman assist the Chairman.
  • In the event of vacancy of the chairmanship, it is immediately filled by the Vice-Chairman.

The Managing Committee

Melanie Leech

British Property Federation

Jannick Nytoft

Danish Property Federation

Onno Hoes

Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers and Valuers

József Sztranyák

Federation of Hungarian Real Estate Associations

Harri Hiltunen

Finnish Real Estate Federation

Pat McGinley

IPUT plc

Thor Olaf Askjer

Norwegian Property Federation

Radoslaw Knap

Polish Council of Shopping Centres

Elsa Monteiro

Portuguese Council of Shopping Centres

João Pessoa e Costa

Portuguese Real Estate Professionals and Brokers Association

David Duffy

Property Industry Ireland

Liviu Tudor

Romanian Association of Building Owners

Reinhold Lennebo

Swedish Property Federation

Alain Duffoux

Syndicat National des Professionnels Immobiliers

Co Koning

Vastgoed Belang

  • The Managing Committee, constituted by the general assembly of members, is the supreme governing body of the Federation.
  • Each member is validly represented at the Managing Committee.
  • The Managing Committee meets three times a year as a minimum and convenes as the general assembly of members once a year.
  • It defines the general principles governing the policy and action of the Federation.
  • It is also responsible for its direction and management.
  • It deals with all matters falling within the scope of it's statutory responsibilities.

The Representatives of the Academic Members

Jarno Tuimala

KIINKO | Real Estate Education

Jean-Paul Loozen

Solvay Brussels School

  • Prestigious institutions which dispense teaching with a direct or indirect link to real estate.

The Secretariat

Michael MacBrien

Director General

François Isnard

Deputy Director General

Gabriela Cuper

Senior Adviser

  • The tasks of the Federation are carried out by the Secretariat, headed by the Director General.
  • The Secretariat acts upon the instructions and under the control of the Chairman who defines its mission and tasks.

Advisory Committees

Patrick Brown

British Property Federation

  • The Managing Committee may establish specialised committees to which each member is entitled to appoint a representative.
  • In such cases the Managing Committee defines each committee's mission and designates a Committee Chairman from amongst the members of the consultative committee concerned

Energy & Environment Committee