Place of Birth



In 1989, Anders Worsøe graduated with law degree from the University of Copenhagen. He was admitted to the Danish Bar in 1992 and to the Supreme Court of Denmark in 2000. He also holds a bachelor in English business language from the Copenhagen Business School from 1981.


Work Experience

Anders Worsøe is Lawyer (H), Partner of NJORD, a full service Danish law firm with offices in Copenhagen, Silkeborg, Aarhus, Riga, Tallin and Vilnius.

He is well versed in several legal disciplines and mainly with international connotations. Anders Worsøe has extensive experience in advising foreign companies in Denmark in many different sectors and has over the years been so privileged to service some of the world's most important brands. Anders Worsøe holds board positions in several foreign-controlled companies in Denmark and is also often used for international settlement of disputes within mediation and arbitration, both as an adviser, mediator, arbitrator (including ICC arbitration) and litigation lawyer with the right to appear before the Supreme Court. Furthermore, Anders Worsøe has for more than 30 years worked with airlines, aircraft catering and airport work handling-related matters.


Anders Worsøe began his career in business with SAS Service Partner in Saudi Arabia (where in the years 1983-1985 he was responsible for purchasing and logistics) and then continued to work in Denmark (1985-1989). After graduating in 1989, he began his legal career as described above.

Anders Worsøe works as a member of the board of a number of Danish and foreign companies. The work of the Board of Directors primarily consists of overall strategy and follow-up work, sparring for the day-to-day management and the owner groups, as well as work with collective agreements.

Anders Worsøe also handles the function as the Danish representative for TRACE, transparent agents and commercial enterprises. TRACE is a globally recognized corporate anti-corruption organization and a leading provider of cost-effective third-party risk management solutions. Members and customers include more than 500 multinational companies headquartered worldwide.


  • Member of VL-59
  • Member of worldwide lawyer network