European Property Federation

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European Property Federation

Founded in Brussels in 1997, EPF represents all aspects of property ownership and investment: residential landlords, housing companies, commercial property investment and development companies, shopping centres and the property interests of the institutional investors (banks, insurance companies, pension funds). Its members own property assets valued at € 1.5 trillion, providing and managing buildings for the residential or service and industry tenants that occupy them.

Polish Council of Shopping Centres (PRCH) joins EPF


Patrick Delcol and Radosław Knap, Chairman and General Director of the PRCH, said "EU policy is now crucial for real estate. Good EU law will improve Polish regulation and facilitate foreign investment. Our membership of EPF will enable active Polish involvement in the design of this EU legislative architecture."

KTI - high quality information and analysis on the Finnish property market

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KTI is an independent information business offering benchmarking, research and analysis services for the Finnish real estate sector. Their services support the profitability and competitiveness of their clients´ property business.

Vastgoed Belang joins EPF

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Jan Kamminga and Co Koning, Chairman and Managing Director of Vastgoed Belang, said "In the Netherlands we have experience of EU real estate policy because the EU has been the catalyst for liberalisation of the Dutch property market. EU state aid rules have limited the freedom of social housing companies to use their accumulated subsidies to compete with private landlords for middle-income tenants and EU economic governance is targeting counterproductive rent controls. Our membership of EPF will enable active private Dutch real estate involvement in the making of EU policy."